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almost home

December 28, 2006

Places I want to eat while I’m in TX:Chick-fil-a, Sonic, Texas Roadhouse, Bodacious BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings (if it’s open), IHOP and perhaps I may stop by “the Patch” and see who’s there.

I’m going to be very full…

In other news, I got a new coat today. Hopefully this will appease all the ladies in the office that have been hounding me because I don’t dress warm enough. Why do I get informally adopted everywhere I go?

In other other news, I think I’m going to learn Italian. It’s way more fun than Spanish and the food is better for you.

Felice Anno Nuovo!


People rock.

December 22, 2006

My body is at work but my mind is 1500 miles away. My eyes are pointing at a computer screen with numbers and billing information, but they see my niece, my friends and all the food I’ll be eating in a weeks time.

I’m so ready to go home!!!!

I love this city, don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled I moved here and I’m loving nearly every minute of it. But I’m still transitioning and really feeling how much I miss everyone back home. The holiday season has a lot to do with that.

But God bless my family and my friends. From way down there in TX they have managed to make my Christmas as wonderful for me as it would be if I were there.
My mother is so great. She sent me 2 huge boxes with wrapped Christmas presents with specific instructions not to open them till Christmas morning (except for the one I get to open on Christmas Eve) because, “No way I’m going to be alone on Christmas morning and not have anything to open.” I can’t decide what’s sweeter, her or her homemade fudge.
My friends Cassie and Kyleen conspired to make me have Christmas decorations whether I wanted them or not. My roommate went home for the holidays and so I have the place to myself. I’ve only been in my apartment for 3 months and just didn’t see the point. But Kyleen still shows up at my door with sacks full of Christmas decorations and decks my room out with lights, wrapping paper and the cutest little tree ever. Not many decorations for it though. But that’s alright cause a few days later what shows up in my mail?? A box full of homemade decorations for that tree. A bobble-head angel made out of a dr pepper can, 8 feet of garland made of fishing wire and beer bottle caps, and assorted ornaments to correspond with inside jokes. My room is amazing and so are my friends. I wasn’t excited about Christmas at all till I saw that tree light up. Now today I came to work with a business suit and a Santa hat.
So I go from just having a three day weekend ahead of me to feeling like a 10 year old on Christmas Eve unable to stand the wait to open my presents under my tree. Christmas is great, but having unexpected Christmas is so much cooler.

I hope you’ll all forgive my sappiness and that you all have an amazing Holiday season.

Ho ho ho etc etc etc


I am here!

December 22, 2006

So I’ve got a live journal now. This should be fun.