Good news!  I survived my holiday trip.

I had an absolutely wonderful time once I finally got there.  It started pretty rough though.  Due to the tornado warnings and lightning storms in Dallas last Friday night, my 8:20 flight out of LGA was cancelled.  The next available flight they could get me on was 11:00 the next morning.  The good news was I was put on priority reserve for a 6:00am flight.  The bad news was I needed to hang around the airport for any updates if I wanted to make it.  So I spent a sleepless night at LaGuardia.  Around 4am I find out that the flight I was hoping for was cancelled as well.  At least I had my 11:00 flight though.  Of course, at 10:00 that was moved to 1:00 in the afternoon.  Eventually I made it back to Dallas around 4:30 and back to my parents around 10 that night.  So after 19 hours in the airport, 4 on the plane and 4 in commute after landing I lost a day.  

But I can honestly sit here now and tell you it was all worth it to see my family.  My niece is getting too adorable to handle and just being home is so relaxing.  I didn’t have much down time while I was home but the time spent was quality time for sure.  The only place I got to eat from my list was Texas Roadhouse.  I did make it to Johnny Carino’s which is always nice.  But I was home for the company more than the food. 

Now I’m back to the proverbial grind and it has fortunately been a slow week for me (which is great because I’m still exhausted).  I’m going to try and keep this weekend as low impact as possible.  Laundry, cleaning, sleeping, movies, church and football.  Next weekend I may treat myself to a museum here in the city.  I saw “Night at the Museum” while home.  It was wonderful and it probably had the desired effect from the producers and made me want to go back again.

God bless all y’all



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