Taking a Stand

I know that it’s usually a bad idea to blog about certain sensitive topics. But I’ve remained silent and divided far too long.  It’s my God given right as an American to protest the things I see in my country that I disagree with. I can speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in and it’s time I made my views public about this issue that has overshadowed our great nation for the past few years and cost so many people their lives. I may divide my friends and even my own family with this stance I’m taking. You may view me differently afterwards, but frankly, I don’t care. I have to be true to myself and honest with those around me: I hate American Idol.
There, I said it. I know it’s not the popular opinion considering where I come from, but it’s how I feel after much deliberation and soul searching. Simon Cowell is a tyrant and should be overthrown. We need more Americans to stand up to him. His abuse of power is unforgivable and he has no regard for the lives he has ruined. And his two accomplices are no better. We can all respect a female in her position, but we don’t have to respect her judgment. She tries to paint the world to be a better place than it really is. And Simon’s right-hand man hardly has the personality to go along with constantly being in the public eye. He’s bright enough for the job, but he lacks that approachable quality.
So join me, America. Stand up for what you believe and don’t give in to this waste of resources. Take back your evenings and face the reality in your lives and not the reality that Fox portrays. Everyone knows that Fox is biased and supports this ridiculous agenda that has split our nation to its core. Oh sure they have some redeeming qualities. Take their stance on medical issues (which they so conveniently air every Tuesday night immediately following Idol). But don’t let that affect your view of the overall picture. Fox supports this intrusion into other peoples lives and sees no problem with making other people think the same way they do. Remember, not everyone wanted to be forced to vote to see what will happen next in their lives. Some people believed in the programming that was already in control and saw no need for it to be forced out of power (and eventually murdered unjustly).
If we all work together, we can end this corruption at least by the year 2008. Maybe sooner if enough people speak out.
Thank you,

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One Response to “Taking a Stand”

  1. Ali Says:

    Ha! I LOATHE American Idol–not for Simon or Paula, but because I have no patience to sit there and watch someone sing at me! Blech! At least at a concert the room shakes, and you can dance.

    Really, really nice job layering the irony in this post, though. Loved it!

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