Something to brag about


let-i1have always wanted to start a paragraph with a pretentious, oversized letter.  An oversized letter makes it seem like my reader is about to embark on an amazing and extremely important literary adventure.  They will feel like they are taking in something that will make their lives better and that this must surely be written by an important person.  “Just look at that oversized letter,” they say to themselves. “Reading anything that starts with a letter that big just HAS to mean this is worth the read no matter how droll or ridiculous it may end up being.  I bet my life is about to be changed for the better because of the amazing information this oversized letter surely foreshadows.”  Later that day, they will tell their friends, “You know what I read today?  I read something amazing!!” And their friends will ask them, “Oh?  What was it about?”  And then my reader will proudly respond, “I don’t really remember many of the details.  It was completely pointless and trivial…  But it started with an oversized letter.”

And their friends will be very, very impressed.  Oh yes.  They will be impressed.

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2 Responses to “Something to brag about”

  1. Ali Says:

    How cool! How very, very, very cool! I am (dare I say it). . . impressed. Not really sure why. . . but it did have that oversized letter, so it must be pretty darned special. Containing insight, and keen perception, and possibly a ground-breaking scientific study, or some astonishing revelation of outstanding portent couched in the casual communicative style of today’s post-modern, ego-driven literature.

    By all means, a blog for the ages!!!!!!

  2. Caps Rock | Click Drag Delete Says:

    […] didn’t quite get why the first word in each sentence was so important (I expressed this a few years ago in a bit more sarcastic approach).  And then I realized if you use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in a […]

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