Give us a break

Latest News story captions on – 9:07AM, 4/17/07
  • Grieving begins at Virginia Tech
  • Student captures video of shooting
  • Bush “horrified” by Virginia Tech shootings
  • World mourns Virginia’s victims
  • Daughter, 9, describes preacher’s slaying
  • Deadly storm lingers in Northeast
  • Iraq’s insurgent claim they’re ‘building rockets’
  • Iraq truck bomb attack thwarted
  • Japanese mayor shot while campaigning
  • Having baby at 12, 18K dead a day; $34 to stop it
  • Station backs Imus and replays that broadcast
  • Oprah wowed by how much she earns just to talk
This is the news feed. Murder, death, threats of death, political correctness and Oprah. How are we not supposed to go around depressed all the time if this is what greets us every morning when we check the news? If there has been a tragedy on a school campus, we all have a right and a desire to know about it. But must it be presented to us with a spin to make us WANT to see it? Oh my gosh a student videoed the shooting. We are appalled and (whether we will admit it or not) wonder if just maybe they’ll show it… When some disaster like this happens, if you listen real close you can almost hear the news executives licking their lips in anticipation. 
I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of being subjected to fear tactics every time I try to see what’s going on in the world around me. Why must we dishearten people in exchange for ratings? You’ve all heard the spots for local news in the evenings… “Could a pill you take every day KILL YOU??? Details at 10…”
I understand and sorrowfully admit that there is no way to fix this. There is no way around it and that’s probably the way it will always be. I just get frustrated and very mentally exhausted from filtering through all the mind games, catch phrases and political agendas and people asking for my money every time I want to just see what happened in the world while I was at work today. 
Human beings are so mean to themselves. Not just physically, but we daily attack each other’s psyches as well. I’m not asking for the “All Happy News Network” or anything, I’m just asking for a break for my senses from all the extra crap. Anybody else feel the same way?

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