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So Sony used a dead goat as a set piece for their premier of God of War II.  And the animal activists go wild as if it were their own mothers.

It was a goat.  A GOAT, PEOPLE.   How many goats are there in the world?   Like a billion or more?  Well I don’t know, but it’s not like it was a panda cub.  The point is it’s not an endangered animal and it’s a beast of burden.  I can watch footage of a madman waving his guns in celebration of his plan to murder students at a college but God forbid a dead goat be on display somewhere.  Heck I see that in the windows of butchers stores in Queens (a local butcher, by the by, was where they got it).

Also at the event: “The U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper on Sunday published a story on the party, where female hostesses with breasts covered with nothing but body paint fed grapes to guests. . .”  

Uh huh.  Naked people in public, fine.  A dead animal – wooooah wait a sec.

Good thing there were activists present.  Otherwise none of the men would have seen the goat….


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  1. Quackerjack Says:

    I love CNN. . . although sometimes I wonder how they publish their stories with a straight face. (yes, collective straight faces. the entire newsroom, totally solemn. or something.)

    And I am convinced that almost every CNN story can be easily rebuilt to suit my absurdist principles. Which is why I’m usually emailing their headlines by 11am each morning–the world needs to know that schools sacrifice safety when axing buses, don’t you agree?

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