Home, Health and Happiness

My last few literary adventures have been a bit sarcastic.  For that I apologize.  Occasionally the political banter and crazy people up here get on my nerves and rub off on me a bit.  I think it’s time for just a plain ol’ update on my life instead of a rant.

Things on my mind lately:

  • I’m coming home to TX for a visit June 1 – 6 and can’t really express my excitement about that
  • I officially joined a gym this week
  • Everyone in my life has something awesome going on right now

I decided that I missed everyone more than I realized.  I’m not sure what it was.  I think it happened while telling stories about my friends and family to coworkers or perhaps it was the pictures of my niece that I stumbled upon.  Either way, I couldn’t make it till Christmas.  And hopefully I will never have to.  I had decided not to go home this year till Christmas because a little home is coming to me in July when my parents visit.  For those that know my family, you know this is a big deal.  And for the past 2 months I’ve been compiling lists of activities and obsessing about where to go what to do and all the other things you consider when trying to make a good impression.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that my parents won’t care what we do.  They just want to see me.  And when it comes right down to it, I just want to see them too.  That and the thought of seeing my dad on the subway just makes me smile.  Now if I can just get my grandmother up here…

So I joined Crunch Monday.  I used a guest pass last week to check it out.  I took an aerobics class called “Cardio Sculpt” and my body has yet to forgive me.  But eventually I’ll work up to being able to actually benefit from the self inflicted torture that these classes provide.  The amenities are nice and there are some very friendly people working there.  I’m especially grateful to Ron who gave me my first month free when I told him I needed to wait to join so I could afford my plane ticket home.  Hopefully I’ll be able to update progress on here and make this a part of my weekly routine.  As of now, I’m planning on working out Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  I’m meeting this Saturday with a personal trainer to figure out A) a good work out regiment for my personal goals I want to accomplish and B) how not to destroy my knees in the process.  This is all new to me, so I’m very excited.  Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Finally, everywhere I look around I’m greeted by the wonderful things happening in my friends lives.  My friends that started at King’s College the same time I did all graduated this past weekend.  My friends at Baylor graduated this past weekend, [info]talk2tomt just got a new job after his big move back home. [info]iremembernot got a new job, and new apartment  Another one of my best friends just got engaged.  One of my friends here in NY (after years of patience) finally got a room to herself and a chance to redecorate her own space.  Another still, despite much opposition, moved out of her parents house to strike it out on her own.  And speaking of moving, my brother and his family just moved into a gorgeous new home in the Hallsville school district where they plan to stay many many years and raise my beautiful niece.  Congratulations to all my friends and family for all their many wonderful accomplishments and promises of accomplishments to come.  I don’t get out of bed every morning so I can come make bills for a law firm.  I get out of bed because God has blessed my life with some amazing people that I love very much.

K I’m having trouble moving from all the Sap.  To sum up: I’m goin’ home, I’m gettin’ buff and I’m just really happy for everyone.

To my Texas peeps, see you soon!!

Y’all be good.


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One Response to “Home, Health and Happiness”

  1. Megaduck Says:

    But. . . I LIKE the sarcasm! Sarcasm is FUN.

    Since this post is ages old, I’ll ignore the updates (but ❤ a little because you sounded so happy). . . and ask. . .

    You mentioned at Halloween that you belonged to a Crunch–I remember because this is the gym that has the Yoga/Trapeze class that has me totally bewitched.

    Do you like it? (the gym, not the class, J. seriously, stay focused.) My work offers a discount to Crunch, which is nowhere even remotely convenient, but there’s a NYSC right around the corner, and if I don’t come up with SOMETHING to get me out of the house soon, I will begin doing RECKLESS things like laundry and cleaning.

    re: Home, Health, and Happiness

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