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wrestling with life

June 26, 2007

My brother said it best.  It’s sad to see good people crack. Chris Benoit was a hero to a lot of kids.  Including me.  I remember with fondness at the age of 12 my brother and I watching WCW and shouting for joy when “The Rabid Wolverine” came to the ring.  As I grew up my interest in professional wrestling entertainment has lessened because of my own maturity as well as the plots getting more and more ridiculous.  There’s more verbal squabbling than actual entertainment nowadays.  The point is, even just channel surfing, whenever I saw Benoit, I had to stop and watch.  Despite the nature of his exit, he will be missed by a lot of people. It was tragic and he let a lot of people down.  But no matter how you feel about the WWE (and I find a lot of people strangely polarized by it), you have to acknowledge the fact that these men are role models for a lot of kids.  I’m not saying they’re the best role models out there, I’m just saying people should be aware of it.  I’m not even making a specific point about that fact, it just popped in my head.In other news…  Oh wait, we won’t get any other news for a week because Paris *%#^@ Hilton got out of jail today after serving a grueling, torturous and life changing 23 days in a minimum security excuse for a prison.  We live in a silly, silly world Ladies and Gentlemen.

In my own little life, I spent this past weekend with my friend Ben watching every action movie we could cram into 2 days including the Die Hard trilogy in preparation for the next installment opening tomorrow.  I’m hopefully going to lay low the rest of this week so I can get ready for the first half of July which is going to be incredibly fun, full and nonstop.  I have a very dear friend that will be visiting next week and then my parents are coming up the next.  So much to do and see.  I love this city.  I can spend 2 weeks exploring it and never see the same thing twice.  And not once will I have to say, “And there’s our Wal-mart…”

I hope you all have a wonderful week as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love you guys.




June 11, 2007
True story. I had my cell phone in my pocket at work one day and the day progressed as normal. When I got into my friends car after work that afternoon to catch a ride home, I pulled out my phone to check my messages and lo and behold, at some point I must have run into something very hard because the display on my cell phone screen was an explosion of bright yellow digital goo. Like a bored 6th grader in math class playing with his graphing calculator and pressing the screen with his finger to make it all shiny. Only this time instead of his finger he used, oh I don’t know – a sledge-o-matic. Thus, my cell phone was blinded.
That was July of 2006.
Almost one year later, I have tired of not knowing who was calling and being unable to read txt messages. My stubbornness forced into submission, I bit the bullet Saturday and finally got a new phone. 
I hate cell phones so much. I’ve had maybe 5 in my life and I’ve never been happy with any of them. My first two were too big and bulky and completely stone age by todays standards. The next had constant battery issues. The two proceeding that both broke; One had a receiver problem (But I have to say, it’s great what you hear your friends say when they think you have been disconnected but you can hear them perfectly). And the next one was decimated by my own hand, er, thigh. I hate the fact that in less than 10 years we have become so tethered to them. Since the days of Zack Morris in the bathroom prank calling Mr. Belding (on his phone the size of foot-long from Subway), we have been unable to function without our direct contact to the rest of the world. And also as a result, I don’t know my own grandmother’s phone number anymore. We all enter them one time, call it and save it. And dear Lord don’t get me started on these trendy children who have shortened every word in the English language to a phonetic smattering of ignorance. Omg, idk how much more I can take.
One more little ditty to consider: I had not saved my numbers to my SIM card before my phone face melted like it just opened the Ark of the Covenant.  So I lost all my numbers. And before I had even purchased my phone I was asked, “So, you going to make a facebook group now?” *sigh*
Anywho, just a quick rant and brief update. Text away, beloved digital age.
Y’all be good,


June 8, 2007

So I survived another trip home.  Long story short – air travel sucks, family stresses me out, my niece is growing, adorable and has a vocabulary now, I really missed Lifepoint and I ate a lot of food.  Yay Shiner 🙂

Back to reality.  I had a good amount of work waiting for me when I got back so I’ve been plenty busy the last two days.  This weekend I’m hanging out with some friends, working out, cleaning and doing some laundry.  And of course, spending ample time in a park of some kind.  The usual, I suppose.

The truth is, dear reader(s), I’ve stared at a blank screen for the bulk of 20 minutes trying to figure out exactly what to write.  It’s not that I can’t think of anything.  Quite the contrary – I’m thinking of too much.  I feel like my head is going to explode.  Unfortunately, most of it is far too personal for a public blog and the rest is perhaps too obscure to bother trying to explain.  Oh sure, I could just post some quirky little bit about how I think sesame seeds are the most worthless food item of all time.  I could gawk at a funny news article and point out the silliness of life.  Or I could join the hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there today voicing their disgust at the absurdities of quite possibly God’s only mistake Paris Hilton and our unbalanced, failing judicial system.  But that wouldn’t provide the right kind of reprieve I’m wanting at the moment.

No, I will continue to dwell and hopefully things will surface one at a time in literate fashion that I can share with you all.  Until then, I hope you have a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Y’all be good,