So I survived another trip home.  Long story short – air travel sucks, family stresses me out, my niece is growing, adorable and has a vocabulary now, I really missed Lifepoint and I ate a lot of food.  Yay Shiner 🙂

Back to reality.  I had a good amount of work waiting for me when I got back so I’ve been plenty busy the last two days.  This weekend I’m hanging out with some friends, working out, cleaning and doing some laundry.  And of course, spending ample time in a park of some kind.  The usual, I suppose.

The truth is, dear reader(s), I’ve stared at a blank screen for the bulk of 20 minutes trying to figure out exactly what to write.  It’s not that I can’t think of anything.  Quite the contrary – I’m thinking of too much.  I feel like my head is going to explode.  Unfortunately, most of it is far too personal for a public blog and the rest is perhaps too obscure to bother trying to explain.  Oh sure, I could just post some quirky little bit about how I think sesame seeds are the most worthless food item of all time.  I could gawk at a funny news article and point out the silliness of life.  Or I could join the hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there today voicing their disgust at the absurdities of quite possibly God’s only mistake Paris Hilton and our unbalanced, failing judicial system.  But that wouldn’t provide the right kind of reprieve I’m wanting at the moment.

No, I will continue to dwell and hopefully things will surface one at a time in literate fashion that I can share with you all.  Until then, I hope you have a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Y’all be good,


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