wrestling with life

My brother said it best.  It’s sad to see good people crack. Chris Benoit was a hero to a lot of kids.  Including me.  I remember with fondness at the age of 12 my brother and I watching WCW and shouting for joy when “The Rabid Wolverine” came to the ring.  As I grew up my interest in professional wrestling entertainment has lessened because of my own maturity as well as the plots getting more and more ridiculous.  There’s more verbal squabbling than actual entertainment nowadays.  The point is, even just channel surfing, whenever I saw Benoit, I had to stop and watch.  Despite the nature of his exit, he will be missed by a lot of people. It was tragic and he let a lot of people down.  But no matter how you feel about the WWE (and I find a lot of people strangely polarized by it), you have to acknowledge the fact that these men are role models for a lot of kids.  I’m not saying they’re the best role models out there, I’m just saying people should be aware of it.  I’m not even making a specific point about that fact, it just popped in my head.In other news…  Oh wait, we won’t get any other news for a week because Paris *%#^@ Hilton got out of jail today after serving a grueling, torturous and life changing 23 days in a minimum security excuse for a prison.  We live in a silly, silly world Ladies and Gentlemen.

In my own little life, I spent this past weekend with my friend Ben watching every action movie we could cram into 2 days including the Die Hard trilogy in preparation for the next installment opening tomorrow.  I’m hopefully going to lay low the rest of this week so I can get ready for the first half of July which is going to be incredibly fun, full and nonstop.  I have a very dear friend that will be visiting next week and then my parents are coming up the next.  So much to do and see.  I love this city.  I can spend 2 weeks exploring it and never see the same thing twice.  And not once will I have to say, “And there’s our Wal-mart…”

I hope you all have a wonderful week as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love you guys.




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