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July 31, 2007

Most of my life I’ve been die hard Nintendo.  Playstation and Xbox just didn’t do it for me when they first came out.  The trend I see is people who weren’t into games as a kid (I started around age 7) tend to lean toward the newer PS or Xbox.  But it seems people like me who carry that nostalgia of Mario, Zelda, Tecmo Superbowl and Tetris just have too much investment from childhood to switch over to the next big thing.  I went through each newer system as they came out and then just kind of stopped around college (between the N64 and the Gamecube).  Life got a little too busy I guess.  When I lived in Tyler my roommate had a PS2, but I mainly used it to watch movies.

After graduating in NY and moving back to TX (04), I got my own place and had quite a bit of free time again so I got a used Gamecube on a whim.  Mostly for the Zelda Collectors Edition, which had 4 different Zelda games in one.  I was also a huge Metroid fan though, and they had 2 new games out which totally redefined the series.  But the best, was when Resident Evil 4 came out in 05.  The hype and talk from people at work was just too much and I bought my first full priced video game since I was probably 15 years old.  To date, it’s easily one of the best 3 video games I’ve ever played.  

After moving back to NY last year (which could be a whole other blog in itself.  Not another entry… another BLOG), I was without a TV, Money, time or interest in video games.  After settling in though, I set my sights on the prize.  The most amazing innovation in video game history.  The Nintendo Wii.  In what turned out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, a very dear friend shocked me to the point of stuttering by surprising me with one.

It was at that point the flame that never really went out regained strength and it has worked its way back up to a wildfire.  I was really excited about Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and it was well worth the wait.  The plot was weaker than other Zelda installments, but gameplay and the originality of the Wii controls completely made up for it.  There are plenty other games out there that take advantage of the unique Wii abilities I’m looking into as well.  Driving, sports and fighting games will never be the same.

While I was visiting TX in June, I brought back my Gamecube games to take advantage of the dual system playability of the Wii.  I finished a game I never got around to finishing cause of the move and had a lot of fun with the other games as well.  I also brought back a Super Nintendo (circa 1992) just for laughs.

And now, thanks to one weekend of playing God of War on my friends Playstation 2, I own one of those too.  My justification for parting from my Nintendo dedication?  Well, the PS2 also plays DVD’s and I didn’t have a DVD player in my room yet.  The Wii does not play movies – Nintendo’s focus is always gaming first.  So it’s a dual investment.  What can I say?  Video games are a fun hobby, provide a sense of accomplishment and I’m looking forward to exploring the titles for my PS2 I’ve been missing out on.  And even better – since it’s been out for so long I can get all the games used for dirt cheap.

I’ll probably start subjecting you all to random bits about gaming, since apparently I can go on and on about it without much effort.  

So guys…  Any favorite video games from your past/present or that you’re looking forward to?  Any thoughts about the current ratings and censoring wars over video games?

A Trying Julying

July 25, 2007

Hello all you happy peopleAlas, I have found myself once again with too much to talk about combined with infrequent posting so now I have no clue where to start.  July has been nonstop for me; a series of ups and downs, fun and agony.

The high points: I am loved!  I had Linds in town from the 4th – 9th and my parents in town from the 11th – 15th.  I took in SO much of the city.  In no particular order, the first two weeks of July included: Assorted eating establishments, Spamalot on Bway, The Blue Man Group, Transformers the Movie, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Top of the Rock, Brklyn Bridge, Southstreet Seaport, Museum of Natural History, Central Park (walking and running), 5th Ave and all that entails and dozens of other little odds and ends.  And here’s the kicker – I still haven’t seen half of everything that’s here.  Not bad for an 8 mile island, right?

Unfortunately, after family and friends departed life picked right back up where it left off.  I came back to work and had a barrage of work waiting to ambush me.  We’re still fighting.  Top that off with *insert personal junk here* and a head cold and the last week and a half has been just ducky.  K, that’s all the selfish moaning I’ll inflict upon you at this time.

I’m really looking forward to August, though.  It should start with a lot of fun because next weekend I’m going to Atlantic City with my poker group to put our Texas Hold’em skills to the test.  Stepping up to the grown ups table, as it were.  I took second at our game last week which helped my confidence, but I’ve never played at a legit table in a casino before.  Sure I’ve been to the boats in Shreveport, LA, but I only played the cocktail waitresses slot machines.  I’m real good at the one where you put in a dollar.  I always win 4 quarters!  Every time!  Anyway, I’ll certainly have a lot to say about that trip win or lose.

I suppose that’s all for now.  I should probably resume my battle to the death with this mountain of paperwork.  I have a lot of topical blogs I’m drafting, so maybe I’ll get a few of those up in the next couple of days weeks months.  I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.

Y’all be good,

PS – Sorry about the lame change machine joke 😉


How J Makes His Morning Iced Coffee

July 18, 2007

‘Cause I don’t want to write about anything deeper right now

Take two (2) twenty (20) oz. (ounce) venti (large) Starbucks (overpriced) cups
Add two (2) packets of Sugar in the Raw
One (1) pump of Hazelnut or Cinfully Nutty flavored hot coffee (depending on which is offered that day)
Swirl to dissolve sugar in hot flavored coffee
One (1) pump of whole milk
Add ice from soda (coke) machine
Fill remainder of cup with cold brewed, regular Starbucks (overpriced) brand coffee
Mix by pouring coffee concoction from one cup to the other two (2) times (X)
Consume and awaken

I might post again later once it kicks in…

The Reasonably Impressive Do-Gooder of Oz

July 9, 2007
Once there was a young girl named Dorothy. Dorothy lived on a farm with her dog Toto, her Aunt Em and three farmhands that would eventually become anthropomorphic personifications during a hallucinogenic episode following a bump on the head. During an attempt to run away from home a tornado arrives, grabs her house and sends it to Oz, dropping it on a witch who was terrorizing some midgets. In appreciation for this accidental rescue, the midgets and Mr. Bubble’s wife sing to her and then send her away alone to a green castle wherein she can catch a ride back home with the castles’ proprietor (since the odds of another tornado coming along and reversing the process was highly unlikely).  But before Dorothy can leave, the witch’s evil sister (who was terribly sea-sick) arrives and threatens to kill Dorothy because she is jealous of her shoes.  Mrs. Bubbles then points out she is outnumbered and then the witch leaves very over dramatically.
En route to a picture of the shiny green castle in the background, Dorothy meets a Scarecrow made completely of straw who has no brain yet shows amazing dexterity despite this deficiency.  He joins her and they continue on their way through a forest of demon possessed apple trees. They next happen upon a rusted man made of tin who has no heart (nor any need of one but wants one anyway). After Dorothy WD-40’s him, he too can sing and dance and apparently has phenomenal abs as he can lean very far to one side or the other without falling over. He too chooses to follow Dorothy and the Scarecrow, all assuming that whoever is giving her a ride home will most likely also have a spare heart and brain to give away. The awkward threesome continue on their way through the dark and scary (yet remarkably well paved) forest when suddenly a gay lion with anger management issues attacks them. After being struck on the hand, he cries and confesses he has no courage.  The other two of Dorothy’s companions are silently jealous that he has all his internal organs. They invite the poor distraught talking animal to join them, assuming the nice cab driver/surgeon will also be a hypnotherapist and will provide him with the courage he needs. 
The group then skipped in perfect unison all the way to green castle which is conveniently much larger and closer now.
To be continued….

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Waldo

July 3, 2007
Good morning Livejournal!Well here we go.  July is finally here!  Friends, family, fireworks and fun.  Linds is coming TOMORROW and then one day after she leaves my parents show up.  Words fail me to describe how excited all this makes me.  I just love showing off NYC.  


I’m excited because I’ve been in quite a bit of a funk lately and I hope this pulls me out of it.  I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels out of place.  Know what I mean?  It’s a feeling that resembles staring at a W

here’s Waldo book for an hour and not being able to find the little bastard.  That gut wrenching frustration you feel if you could only find what you’re looking for, knowing it’s there but not being able to see it.  I’m working out more (and seeing results!), I’m hanging out with friends and being social, enjoying my job and stuff seems to be trucking along pretty well.  But there’s still some red and white striped little thing evading me.  I’m really hoping all the excitement and fun of having visitors and constant activities fill this little gap, if only temporarily.
I suppose that’s about it for now.  I’m looking forward to a nice day off in the middle of the week tomorrow.  Then the fun begins!  NY fireworks are some of the best in the world.  Happy Independence Day everyone!  Take a sec, put your politics and religions aside and be thankful for the greatest country ever conceived and the freedoms we so often take for granted.  
Y’all be good.