How J Makes His Morning Iced Coffee

‘Cause I don’t want to write about anything deeper right now

Take two (2) twenty (20) oz. (ounce) venti (large) Starbucks (overpriced) cups
Add two (2) packets of Sugar in the Raw
One (1) pump of Hazelnut or Cinfully Nutty flavored hot coffee (depending on which is offered that day)
Swirl to dissolve sugar in hot flavored coffee
One (1) pump of whole milk
Add ice from soda (coke) machine
Fill remainder of cup with cold brewed, regular Starbucks (overpriced) brand coffee
Mix by pouring coffee concoction from one cup to the other two (2) times (X)
Consume and awaken

I might post again later once it kicks in…

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One Response to “How J Makes His Morning Iced Coffee”

  1. Gordon Shumway Says:

    I would love to know the progression of thoughts that led to this post. How truly random, in the very best way.

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