Most of my life I’ve been die hard Nintendo.  Playstation and Xbox just didn’t do it for me when they first came out.  The trend I see is people who weren’t into games as a kid (I started around age 7) tend to lean toward the newer PS or Xbox.  But it seems people like me who carry that nostalgia of Mario, Zelda, Tecmo Superbowl and Tetris just have too much investment from childhood to switch over to the next big thing.  I went through each newer system as they came out and then just kind of stopped around college (between the N64 and the Gamecube).  Life got a little too busy I guess.  When I lived in Tyler my roommate had a PS2, but I mainly used it to watch movies.

After graduating in NY and moving back to TX (04), I got my own place and had quite a bit of free time again so I got a used Gamecube on a whim.  Mostly for the Zelda Collectors Edition, which had 4 different Zelda games in one.  I was also a huge Metroid fan though, and they had 2 new games out which totally redefined the series.  But the best, was when Resident Evil 4 came out in 05.  The hype and talk from people at work was just too much and I bought my first full priced video game since I was probably 15 years old.  To date, it’s easily one of the best 3 video games I’ve ever played.  

After moving back to NY last year (which could be a whole other blog in itself.  Not another entry… another BLOG), I was without a TV, Money, time or interest in video games.  After settling in though, I set my sights on the prize.  The most amazing innovation in video game history.  The Nintendo Wii.  In what turned out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, a very dear friend shocked me to the point of stuttering by surprising me with one.

It was at that point the flame that never really went out regained strength and it has worked its way back up to a wildfire.  I was really excited about Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and it was well worth the wait.  The plot was weaker than other Zelda installments, but gameplay and the originality of the Wii controls completely made up for it.  There are plenty other games out there that take advantage of the unique Wii abilities I’m looking into as well.  Driving, sports and fighting games will never be the same.

While I was visiting TX in June, I brought back my Gamecube games to take advantage of the dual system playability of the Wii.  I finished a game I never got around to finishing cause of the move and had a lot of fun with the other games as well.  I also brought back a Super Nintendo (circa 1992) just for laughs.

And now, thanks to one weekend of playing God of War on my friends Playstation 2, I own one of those too.  My justification for parting from my Nintendo dedication?  Well, the PS2 also plays DVD’s and I didn’t have a DVD player in my room yet.  The Wii does not play movies – Nintendo’s focus is always gaming first.  So it’s a dual investment.  What can I say?  Video games are a fun hobby, provide a sense of accomplishment and I’m looking forward to exploring the titles for my PS2 I’ve been missing out on.  And even better – since it’s been out for so long I can get all the games used for dirt cheap.

I’ll probably start subjecting you all to random bits about gaming, since apparently I can go on and on about it without much effort.  

So guys…  Any favorite video games from your past/present or that you’re looking forward to?  Any thoughts about the current ratings and censoring wars over video games?


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  1. Gordon Shumway Says:

    This post is fun! Long and great to read, and clearly a topic that you’re excited about–the last several posts have felt a bit like you’re hitting a stride, and this is my favorite of them.

    Here’s my true video game story–I’m terrible at them, but I’m kind of a quirky collector, so when LucasArts released the Rogue Squadron game, I bought a Super Nintendo–my little brother bought me the game. Then, we plugged it in and I watched the guy play the game—insisting that they stop between levels so I could watch the “movie” parts.

    Point of information–you can play GameCube games on Wii?? ‘Cause there’s another Rogue Squadron game out there that I never bought, and I KNOW the boys have a Wii. Hmm.

    And in the realm of things that interest me: This was posted on the day I told my boss I was quitting and moving to New York. I was SO over working in the financial industry!

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