Blankety Blank Blankin’ Blank Blank. Blank.

HORRIBLE news, gang.  Trip to AC has been called off on account of God hates me loss of transportation.  The car we were going to take broke down yesterday and he was the only guy who could drive in the group.  SUCK.

There’s a bus we could take, but it would take way longer and I’m not sure if he’ll still be interested what with having to pay for car repairs and all.  Guess I’ll just have to go see The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend instead.

There is some good news though – my head cold is completely gone and I can work out again.  Yar!!  

Y’all be good,


One Response to “Blankety Blank Blankin’ Blank Blank. Blank.”

  1. Ioz Says:

    This is so random, but so just you talking, that it makes me laugh.


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