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Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let y’all know I’m still alive, I’ve just been crazy busy.  Work has been steadily getting more and more involved and intense and so my evenings have become more and more about doing nothing but recharging.  And this miserable weather doesn’t help.  The sky has been gray and dreary since Sunday and I’m very tired of it.  The only good thing is it has dipped back down the to 60’s and I’m loving that.  Winter just can’t get here fast enough for me.  Tonight I’m going to see King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s a limited release movie and I never got to see those growing up cause they never came anywhere near Hallsville, TX.  This should be a fun, quirky way to spend an evening and might salvage this crazy week.  Plus, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be playing poker tomorrow night.  Games have been a lot more frequent lately which has been a blast.  It would be even more of a blast if I won every now and then lol.Well that’s it for now I suppose.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

– J


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