The Little Red Store – part 1

Back when I was a just lowercase j. . .


I grew up on Hwy 449 in Whertheheckahwe, TX.  Directly across the road from my house was what was known as The Little Red Store.  The little red store was, in fact, a little orange gas station by the name of “B&B Moccasin Creek Store”.  Why it was called the little red store is beyond me, that’s just what I remember.  In front of it was a circle driveway and 2 old gas pumps.  That good old kind you could finish fueling, turn off at the pump and still squeeze another 10 ounces of gas out of.  It provided a great landmark for directions to our rural abode, assorted junk food, movie rental (all VHS), video games (8-bit Nintendo) and my first experiences of a Donkey Kong arcade game.  I frequented this store nearly every day since I was allowed to cross the street on my own.  After begging someone for a couple of dollars I’d trot over with youthful exuberance to rent entertainment of some kind and the nice lady running the place usually threw in a bit-o-honey or something for free.  She was a sweet old gal (in the eyes of a 9 year old).  She also had a husband who ran the store sometimes who I thought was funny.  He didn’t say funny things or have that old energetic spark of life.  Quite the opposite actually.  He had this odd way of moving in slow motion no matter what he did (a common impression by myself and other local tots… all 3 of us lol).  And boy did he talk funny.  His words always slurred together and he kind of looked like he was sleeping all the time.  Silly old man.  Of course later on I realized he had spent the entire years of my childhood completely hammered.  Nevertheless, the little red store is always in the background (quite literally) of all my childhood memories. 

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One Response to “The Little Red Store – part 1”

  1. Razor Clawson Says:

    This is a great story–I’m anticipating seeing where it builds to.

    I particularly liked the “hometown name” 🙂 and the imagery about renting the games and movies from the gas station–we had a very similiar station (Palmer’s), where you could chose any of literally tens of movies for your viewing pleasure. And the bit about the hammered shopkeeper is wonderful!

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