Fashion Bashin’

I’m confused by fashion.  I always have been and probably always will.  I’m always a season or two behind on what’s in style and it’s never bothered me too much.  I tend to avoid mainstream opinion in general come to think of it.  I could really care less what the models on the billboards wear, I have zero interest in what Oprah tells me to read and who to vote for and frankly I loose a little respect for anyone who aspires to emulate someone they read about in a super market tabloid.
Here is my assessment of modern fashion and style:  It is an attempt to be unique and original by dressing just like everyone else.  This in itself is flawed logic, but then logic doesn’t really enter into it much when we’re talking about a generation of youth who intentionally buy hats 3 sizes too big just so they can wear them sideways and light-up belt buckles for belts on pants that sag below their butts.

But it’s not just the youth I see today.  We just finished up “Fashion Week” here in the city.  The big tents in Bryant Park that show off all that’s hot and new.  I’ve seen pictures and videos of fashion shows and most stuff strutted down runways is either illegal on the streets or so impractical that you simply can’t function.  Let the lady with the sparkly dress that exposes one breast get on the subway with her 7 foot feather sticking out of her hair and see how well she fairs.  What’s the point in designing something that is completely unusable?

Think for yourself.  Be yourself.  Guys if a girl won’t give you the time of day because your jeans aren’t predistressed, then she’s too shallow to be worth your time.  Girls, if a guy won’t look at you just because he won’t be able to see down your shirt when he does then you really aren’t missing out on anything special.

Y’all be look good.






One Response to “Fashion Bashin’”

  1. Goro! Says:

    I don’t know. . . you’ve got to admit, there’s something appealing about a light-up belt buckle.

    Kind of like a glowing remote.

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