A Completely Insensitive Post


Today we mourn the loss of Marcel Marceau, the famed French mime. He was 84. His long time assistant would not disclose any information to the press about the cause. This leaves just a liiiittle too much room for my warped imagination to play. Perhaps someone just thought he was mimicking someone choking. I hope he wasn’t alone. Wouldn’t be much of a 9-1-1 phone call to review, would it?  I guess now he really can’t get out of that damn box.  I think it’s fairly safe to rule out suicide. I mean, jumping in front of an invisible bus wouldn’t be very effective. I just hope this isn’t all some horrible misunderstanding involving the worlds most convincing coma pantomime.
Okay I’ve gotten all that out of my system, but there’s just one last thing I have to know: Did he have any last words?

– J


One Response to “A Completely Insensitive Post”

  1. SHADOW Ganon (dun dun dunn) Says:

    So wrong. . . so very, very wrong.

    And of course I’m going to have to go read it again now.

    Sooooo wrong.

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