Irritating Texas Stereotypes 101


Conversation in an elevator today…
Me: Hey there!
Secretary: Hi!  So how was Texas?
Me: Great!
… a few moments of small talk …
Sec: So did you ride while you were home?
Me: Ride?
Sec: Your horse.
Me: Umm no. 
Sec: *shocked* You don’t have a horse?
Me: No ma’am.  I’ve been on a horse maybe twice in my life.  Not the most fun way to get around.  I’d take a car any day.
Sec: *disappointed* Oh.


One Response to “Irritating Texas Stereotypes 101”

  1. Rauru Says:

    This is out of order, and I’m really trying to stay in order as I comment, but this post makes me smile every time I read it. Probably, it has something to do with my deep and abiding love of stereotypes–but I also think that this is just written very well. It’s simple, and funny, and the characterization is great, and I can totally *hear* it being said.

    (Also, I’m getting to put all my new Zelda names to use. Score!)

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