This Is Not A Creative Title (or is it?)

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve made a decision.  Monday morning I’m switching from venti to grande sized coffee.  And then after a while from grande to tall.   The eventual goal is to ween myself off having coffee every morning.  I really like coffee and see no reason to give it up completely, but I am a little too dependent on it in the morning.  Plus, I think the less I drink it, the more I will enjoy it the times that I do.  Like a finely brewed beer I guess.  Is a caffeine headache the opposite of a hangover?  You get a hangover headache when you drink too much but you get a caffeine headache when you don’t drink enough.

I opened up today and apparently Eliot Spitzer has been involved with a prostitution ring.  I’m not sure of the details, they haven’t been covering it very much.  There also seems to be some kind of election coming up…

*sigh* Sarcasm is so hard to convey with the written word.  I need a video blog.

In other news, the church I’ve been attending is wonderful.  It is really and honestly an answered prayer.  In the last two months I’ve made some Christian friends who worship the same way I do and believe a lot of the same things I do.  Last week was the first time at this church I sat on a row and knew everyone on it (at least by name).  I notice stuff like that.  I was very involved in my church back home and I miss that feeling of involvement and belonging.

Looks like it’s going to be another soggy weekend.  That’s okay because I still have a lot of packing to do.  I hope my tens and tens of readers are all doing great and that you all have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day if you celebrate it this weekend.  Funny how a holiday in honor of a “Saint” is most often celebrated by drunken debauchery.

Y’all be good,




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