Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…

Going to check out the Found Footage Festival tonight after work.  Should be a lot of fun.   I just love random stuff like that.  

Tomorrow I’m going to try and accomplish any and all chores that I’ve been putting off the past few weeks.  Assorted cleaning of things, final unpacking and settling into my room at the new apartment and other etcetera’s.

On Sunday, Mario Kart Wii comes out (note the awesome steering wheel gizmo).  So that pretty much takes care of after church entertainment.  And every night next week.  Me and Roomie (Or “Roomie and I” for all you grammar lovers) have been playing through the Donkey Kong Country games the past few days.  It’s been a lot of fun.  It’s scary how many little tricks and secrets the mind retains from over 10 years ago.  I know to jump down that certain hole to find the secret barrell, but I can’t remember anything I learned in history class in high school.  Go fig.

In other news, my next attempt to save the economy will be to buy a new laptop very soon.  Thanks to all the tips, advice and free publicity over at Pop’s Universe I’ve decided to go Mac (and never go back?).  I’ll be sure and let everyone know when that happens.

That’s it for now I suppose.  Y’all have a good’n.



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