Written Transitions

If you’re here, then I should hope by now you’ve noticed I switched over to WordPress.  I decided to leave Livejournal because of a lack of features many other sights offer (better spell check, site traffic info, etc).  I know a lot of people with WordPress sites and they seem to like them.  So far though, I do have some thoughts…

The import process is very involved.  This is most likely because no blog service wants to lose members so they make it so convoluted that your average person won’t go through that much trouble and will just stay where they are.  Once I figure out something like that is going on, I go through all the trouble simply out of spite.

As well as being complicated and involving saving and uploading a separate XML file for every month of blogging, it can’t bring over comments because they aren’t part of the code so (very sadly) I’ve lost them all.  If you’re just killing time (you’re surfing blogs, aren’t you?) then go back and read a few and share your thoughts. 

I drafted most of my blogs in Word before sending them to LJ.  Something about this aggravates the XML gods and so the spacing, fonts and font sizes are a little messed up.  In some cases, whole paragraphs were out of order or omitted entirely.  I’ve fixed most of them, but please forgive me if you come across something I missed.

Overall, the good definitely outweighs the bad so far.  Welcome to my new spot and thanks for reading!



2 Responses to “Written Transitions”

  1. Pop Says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve been thinking about migrating to a different blog service, and WordPress is one of the several I’ve been intending to sit down and study. I may be joining you over here…

  2. J Says:

    The reason I went with wordpress instead of blogspot was that WP has the import feature, and BS (lol!) doesn’t. I think it’s going be a good move.

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