Did You Know…

 Things you might not know about J…

  • I eat the tops off my blueberry muffins before eating the rest of them.
  • My second semester of college (while still a theatre major) I developed a stage performance based on Metallica Songs complete with set designs and choreographed fight sequences.
  • I’m OCD about the keys on my key-ring.  They all have to face the same direction.
  • I think it’s sexy when a woman ties a man’s tie for him.
  • My cell phone is always on vibrate because I got tired of turning the ringer off for movies and dinners.
  • I once went 3 days without sleep just to see if I could.
  • Every time I’ve moved somewhere a significant distance, I’ve listened to Fly Away From Here by Aerosmith at some point during the trip.
  • In a stairwell at Sears in Longview Tx, there is a hole the exact shape of my head…
  • I’ve been involved in two car accidents. In both, I was driving a Dodge Neon less than a year old.
  • I have a fear of Dodge Neons less than a year old.
  • I’m totally convinced that my niece is cuter than your niece.

Some would call this a “meme” I think.  It’s not intended to be.  I just felt like posting some random facts for fun.  While these aren’t deep dark secrets by any means (nor things I’m particularly proud of), they are things not many people know.  If you’re feeling outgoing, share one of your own.

Happy Friday everyone!



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2 Responses to “Did You Know…”

  1. Pop Says:

    OK, you need to explain about the hole in Sears…

  2. TexanNewYorker Says:

    Some of those things I actually did not know. huh.

    I agree w/Pop — story time! Hole in Sears stairwell?

    Random thing you might not know (that now the entire universe can read): I once beat up a guy with a stuffed manatee. I was flirting.

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