By Request…

Something else I could have put on the previous list I suppose: I worked at Sears for all of 3 months.

I was with a group of guys responsible for the signs and displays in the store.  About four of us total. Those neat displays and red sale signs all over the place?  All us. 

Working with that group of miscreants lead to a lot more fun than we should have had on the clock.  One such adventure involved an 8 foot long piece of thick shipping cardboard and a steep stairwell used by service personnel.  It was a fun little slide down and a quick lesson in momentum.  If you plant your feet at the base of a fast, steep slide you’ll actually send yourself forward headfirst. 

I may have embellished slightly…  the hole isn’t the size of my entire head – just the top 1/3 or so.

– J


2 Responses to “By Request…”

  1. SFord Says:

    You were definitely a wild & crazy guy. Another thing that people might not know – you know how to get the party started at a wedding rehearsal dinner. I believe Jim Morrison said it best, “Come on Baby light my fire.”

  2. J Says:

    You set ONE bread basket on fire and people just won’t let you live it down… sheesh 😉

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