Actual conversation at McDonald’s

McLady: Welcome to McDonald’s how may I help you?
J: Good afternoon. I’d like a bacon & cheese angus burger with no onions please.
McLady: Meal?
J: No, just the burger.
McLady: Is that all?
J: No, I’d also like one of your new Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches
McLady: A McChicken?
J: *Pointing to huge picture on menu* No, a Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.
McLady: McChicken?
J: *picking up smaller display from counter and holding it up in front of her* Southern. Style. Chicken. Sandwich.
McLady: Ok. Is that all?
J: Medium sweet tea please.
*end of transaction*

You guessed it, I got a McChicken. I didn’t bother returning to the counter to argue. I just can’t compete with that kind of unrelenting ignorance.

And God help us I think she was old enough to vote.


2 Responses to “McWhat?”

  1. TexanNewYorker Says:

    I had the same issue the first time I ordered it until I said, “No, the NEW sandwich. The one that’s just chicken and a pickle on the steamed bun. The new one. The newest thing on the menu.”

    And I swear, she said, “Oh, the new McChicken.”

    But at least I got the right sandwich.

  2. Pop Says:

    Robert A. Heinlein’s character Lazarus Long said “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” And you hit it on the head when you mentioned she was old enough to vote.

    There’s a wild ride ahead.


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