Some Summer Movie Summary

Howdy gang.

After a brief hiatus, I finally finished God of War II for Playstation 2 last night.  I got so frustrated with the game at one point I just put it down in search of better things.  Now I can’t wait for part 3.  The catch is that part 3 is coming out for Playstation 3 and I have neither that system nor the money to spend on it right now.

Tomorrow, for one night only, select movie theatres are showing First Blood.  Since this movie first came out in 1982, I’ve obviously never seen it on the big screen before so this will be a real treat.  I’m fairly certain the reason for this showing is to help push the new British comedy Son of Rambow, in which a sheltered child stumbles upon a copy of First Blood and proceeds to remake his own version.  I’ll probably check it out this weekend.  It’s made by the same guys that brought us The Hitchhikers Guide movie.  The more obscure a movie is, usually the more I’ll enjoy it. 

I just love the summer movie season.  It started with Iron Man, which was amazing.  The next Chronicles of Narnia installment comes out this weekend but I’ll probably wait a few weeks to see that one.  I actually wasn’t that enthused about it till I found out Peter Dinklage is in it.  I’m more focused on Indiana Jones at the moment.  After that, I’ll kill a few weeks with Incredible Hulk (out of sheer curiosity), Hellboy 2 and Wall-E to pass the time until July 18 which is, of course, Batman: Dark Knight on IMAX. 

And I’m REALLY excited about the new Sex and the City movie.  Cause the sooner it gets here, the sooner I’ll stop being bombarded by ads with Horse Face on them.

Have a good’n


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One Response to “Some Summer Movie Summary”

  1. SFord Says:

    I agree about “Horse Face”. I have never understood anyone’s obsession with SJP. She is always portrayed as a supermodel-esque female, when in reality, she is nowhere close. She is just just a normal, below-average-looking human being. I was most disturbed by her being cast in Failure To Launch. This of course was a cheesy romantic comedy, but it illustrates my point. I just think that she was very much overplayed as an attractive person, which she is not. No amount of acting skills can help her pull that off.

    You don’t see Christopher Walken playing the role of a a Mexican stoner in Cheech & Chong. Why not? Because he is not Mexican! Why would SJP play the role that is supposed to be for an attractive person?

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