Sunburns & Cinema

Howdy gang,

I had a real nice Memorial Day holiday.  Hope you all did as well.  I spent yesterday on a rooftop in Manhattan soaking up the sun and other festivities with friends both new and not-so-new (can’t really say old, I’ve only known them 3 months or so). 

Saturday morning I saw the new Indiana Jones.  I spent part of my lunch break reading online reviews from different sites to see if they were similar to mine and I have found this movie has really polarized a lot of movie fans.  My room mate and myself included.  He felt it was the logical progression of the series and a decent addition.  I feel that if this is the logical progression, then this installment shouldn’t have been made.  My conclusion (to sum it up as short and spoiler-free as possible), is that I might have enjoyed this movie more had it not been made with Indiana Jones characters I have loved for so many years.  If you are going to attempt to add on to something as iconic as I.J., then you had best bring your A game.   It’s like a sculptor needing to know when his work is finished and to stop chipping away the stone.  Chip too much and you’ll disfigure your creation.  Unfortunately, it feels like Spielberg and Lucas needed a few bucks so they pulled out old reliable and milked the fans a little.   Has anybody else seen it yet that would be willing to share their thoughts?

I’ve been invited to a bachelor party a few weeks from now.  It will likely involve a swimming pool at some point.  If you need me, my mailing address and phone calls will be forwarded to the gym.  I’m helping the groom-to-be move into their new apartment this coming weekend.   Should be fun (in a male bonding, heavy lifting, chaotic sort of way).

Lots more going on I’ll hopefully get to tomorrow.  Y’all be good!




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