Well gang, I finally got myself the Mac I’ve been wanting for a while.  I picked up a Macbook Pro last night after work and after about 2 hours of playing with it I can already see this is going to be very educational.  I have a lot of little decisions still to make about what I want to put on it, etc. 

My last laptop (may it rest in pieces), was used primarily for surfing the web and watching DVD’s.  I really want to start taking advantage of the techonology in front of me and DO things with this one.  I’m going to use it to manage my finances, create things, keep in touch with people near and far and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time.  Very excited.  I’m hoping to post a video or audio entry on here every now and again as well.

In other news, I’m just a little over three weeks away from a trip home to the Lone Star State.  I plan on spending half my time there in a boat fishing and the other half stuffing my face with Bodacious BBQ, Texas Roadhouse, Sonic and Chic-fil-a.

More to come later, lots to do today.



One Response to “iBlog”

  1. Popgun Says:

    And the OTHER half of your time visiting your family!!

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