Sleep Blogging

Why am I still up?  Stupid internets.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post both on and off WordPress.  It means a lot that people care enough to share their insights on my trivial ramblings.  But then I suppose that’s what a blog is all about, right? 

In the way of an update on little ol’ me it looks to be another full weekend, but thankfully with less manual labor and more socializing.  Friday night my church is having a Guys Night Out at Astoria’s local Beer Garden so I’ll probably swing by there since it’s so close to my apartment.  And then the aforementioned bachelor party is on Saturday. It’s going to be an all afternoon/night thing and it should be a great time.  Though I haven’t known him long, I can say the groom is a great guy and deserves a great party.  Sadly, I didn’t spend enough time at the gym the past few weeks in preparation for the pool portion of the evening.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except that we’re meeting up with the bachelorette party at that point.  You want to look good when you’re in a room full of women with marriage on their minds.  Or do you?

Aside from that I’m just counting down till my vacation in two weeks.  Air travel is such a risky proposition these days.  Because of a voucher I had to use I’m flying American.  Hopefully they’ve gotten all their messes straightened out by now.  Once I survive that I’m looking at at least two more flights this year.  Oh joy.  

That’s enough for now I guess.  It’s way past my bed time.  

Y’all be good!

– J

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