Look Out, He’s Gettin’ Political

I try to keep a politics free blog.  People get enough of that crap forced down their throats every day they don’t need to hear more of it from me.  When I do breech the subject, I try to keep it light.  I do, however, have a few general thoughts to share if anyone cares to know what some schmuck country boy living in the city thinks.

I believe America, as a whole, wants change.  We are tired of the negative image and the constant bickering.  I also think America, as a whole, doesn’t know what kind of change it wants (or needs) or how to go about attaining it.  I see most of the ways people attempt to bring about change are generally useless and ultimately futile.  They accomplish nothing and usually add more division to an already split country.  Allow me to expound:

How many hundreds of thousands of people in how many thousands of places have protested the war since it began over five years ago?  How many people have wasted weekend after weekend in Union Square barking at people while handing out “Buck Fush” pins and pestering people to sign petitions for Bush’s impeachment?  And has it done any good?  Any at all?  We’re still at war and GW is still president, so I guess not.  And God bless America people have that right to free speech and public protest.  I have the right to quit my job, fly to Vegas and spend every dime I have.  That doesn’t make it a good use of my freedoms though.

Meanwhile, some of the less sociable political activists write letters to news papers, spend hours starting fights on blogs, facebook groups and similar outlets.  These people feel the need to voice their opinions because it makes them feel like an intellectual and somehow validates their existence if they can get someone else as angry as they are.  In the end nothing is accomplished except a few more people being aggravated.  No real “change” has or ever will occur this way.  I just don’t think we’re ever going to read the headline, “Today, the one millionth member joined an anti-Obama facebook group entitled ‘One Million Strong Against Barack Obama’.  He will be no longer be allowed to run for president.”

Change’s current poster boy is Democratic nominee Barack Obama.  He has made a new career for himself based on the feeling that Americans want something different but don’t know exactly what.  They do want change and so he promises it to them.  It’s hip to hate Bush right now, so naturally he’s distanced himself from him by taking a completely different stance on nearly every key issue. 

The Republicans have produced John McCain.  The media of course aligns him with less change to hang on to the far right thinking vote.  This has prompted many Democrats to begin calling John McCain “McSame” as in, same policies as Bush.  Nice.  I just love that the adult (voting) public steals catch phrases from a television drama to degrade potential world leaders.  There are clearly some deep thinkers on both sides as some hardcore Republicans actually believe Obama is pure evil because his name RHYMES with Osama.  Sad but true.

There are some out there so convinced by what their media outlet of choice has been spoon feeding them that they DO NOT CARE who they vote for as long as they have a “D” or an “R” by their name.  People don’t seem to think about how dangerous this is. 

I believe there never will be effective change in this country until we have a unified front.  I also believe that’s just not going to happen any time soon.  I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.  America is so obsessed with reality television we have chosen to run this presidential election as such.  Depending on your affiliation there are good guys and bad guys fighting to stay on the political island.  And the reward isn’t money, folks.  It’s the office of President of the United States of America.  It feels more like people are cheering for their favorite football team than choosing a leader for this country that is in for such hard times ahead.  I envision a stadium split down the middle – red on one side, blue on the other, cheering their fool heads off for their “team”.  And after the game, these two sides are supposed to work together to run this country after dragging each others names in the mud for the past year.  The nation is split 50-50.  The only thing we’re deciding this election season is which 50 will get to be happy and which 50 will be bitter.

So that’s my two cents in Change.  Spend it however you want.

– J


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5 Responses to “Look Out, He’s Gettin’ Political”

  1. Popgun Says:

    Personally, I feel like we’re all on a school bus that is careening toward a hairpin curve at the bottom of a steep hill, while a liberal and a conservative wrestle for the steering wheel, and all of us on the bus are arguing at the top of our lungs about the effect of the bus exhaust on the environment.

    While all this is going on, our enemies are all arrayed beside the road trying to shoot out the tires on the bus.

    We do need to emphasize that we are all on the same bus. Or there’s going to be a terrible accident.


  2. J Says:

    I like that bus analogy better than my entire blog entry lol. Nice.

  3. Lindsey Says:

    I’ll agree that the bus comment is awesome, but the blog was very insightful as well. I especially agree with the comparison of our political “race” right now to reality television. As soon as I read that, it’s like my eyes were opened! No WONDER people are acting so ludicrously; no wonder I don’t like reality T.V. Makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for posting this! I may pass it on 🙂

  4. J Says:

    I’d be honored. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Done! Be prepared for some “random” commenters 😉

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