J’s Dictionary

New thing on the blog…  I call it “J’s Dictionary”.  As new words or phrases come to me I’ll post them randomly.

Myspaceship:  What people have that are in a long distance relationship on Myspace.  Me and Joe have been in myspaceship for almost 2 months!

Hicktrosexual:  A male individual with both the traits of a hick and a metrosexual.  I can operate a chainsaw and pick out nice drapes.  I’m such a Hicktrosexual.  (shortened: Hicktro)

Yelt: What should be the past tense of “Yield”  Yes officer, I saw the sign and yelt to oncoming traffic.

Gaycation:  When a homosexual person takes a vacation.  Me and Steve are going to California on our gaycation and getting married.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– J

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3 Responses to “J’s Dictionary”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Seriously, I can’t stop giggling about “yelt.” I swear, it’s going to slip out RIGHT when I need to sound the MOST intelligent I’ve EVER had to sound……sheesh.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Genius … you should submit them to G4 (a cable channel dedicated to gamers and fans of back to back episodes of Japanese game shows with subtitles!). They have a viewer fueled “Urban Dictionary” with this kind of stuff. They may hire you solely based on your wit and urban-hipness.

  3. J Says:

    Lindsey – i’d be really sad if that happened (after i was done laughing and being really proud of myself)

    Amanda – I LOVE G4 so that’s a huge compliment. Thanks! And Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke are probably my favorite shows on TV right now.

    Glad you both enjoyed them. I’ll certainly be doing more of these.

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