A Flying Julying

This month has just blown by!  Heck, this year seems to be going somewhere in an awful hurry.  I can’t keep up with myself lately and I’m not really used to this.  I’ve always made it a point to schedule down time for myself and keep a pretty low profile.  I woke up a few weeks ago and suddenly found that I had church meetings, extra work at the office and a budding social life to cultivate.  I haven’t even been playing Wii much, if that’s any indication.

I’m anxious to get to this weekend because it’s going to be great (and, to stay on topic, busy).  Tomorrow night Roomie is having some friends in town so we’ll be out entertaining.  Saturday morning, I’ll be seeing The Dark Knight on Imax for the second time.  I wanted to see it twice before offering my thoughts on it.  And oh man, do I have some thoughts on it.  

Sunday morning is church.  Afterward, I’m going to a meeting about a mission trip next summer to Haiti.  I’ve been thinking about finding an excuse to see another country and I figure a mission trip is as good a reason to get out there and see the world as any.  And if ever there was a test for my faith and something to bring me closer to God, it’s getting prelimenary bloodwork done to leave the country.  Needles…  *shudder*

In other happenings, occasionally little perks pop up when working for a law firm.  One such perk came my way last week in the form of an invitation to a special event tonight hosted by John Allan’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  It’s a private shopping and scotch tasting event.  We get the men’s department to ourselves, a huge discount on shopping for the evening, scotch tasting and a complimentary hair cut and shoe shine.  I’m not really a fan of scotch, but I am a fan of free so I think a compromise is in order.

Y’all be good!

– J


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