Dark Knight

Maybe I’m still basing my judgement of this movie on the seemingly never ending hype.  Perhaps Heath Ledger’s death changed our perception of his already stellar performance.  Or maybe it seems so amazing because it’s the first quality film we’ve seen at the movies in a long time.  It might not be so great, the other movies in its category could just be that bad.  

What set this apart?  A combination of all the elements coming together and each pulling its weight.  Several movies rely on special effects to carry a film, while sacrificing plot.  Some movies have one strong actor that they build the movie around (i.e. anything with Will Smith) and then they usually sell them, not the story of the movie.  Dark Knight, as cliche as it is, has it all.  Every actor seems like the lead when they are on the screen.  They are supported by special effects that are top notch and a musical score that perfectly matches the tone and underlying morality tale within the masterfully deep script.  They pack so much into the 2 1/2 hour time, yet don’t wear you out in the process because it’s immersing, not overbearing.

A word on Ledger…  Without a doubt one of the best character performances I’ve ever seen.  As a long time fan of Batman, I’m familiar with the many styles of Joker that have come and gone.  To compare Ledger’s performance to that of Jack Nicholson is essentially useless.  They are, in my opinion, not truly the same character.  The differences in the Joker’s are as different as the movies they appeared in.  In this instance, I have never seen a character more understood and conveyed in such an enchanting manner.  I’d also like to second the opinions of many others out there in blog land: we lost a great talent with the passing of Heath Ledger.  I didn’t know he had it in him and I am sad that I’ll never get to see another masterful work of art like this from him.  

You know you’re talking about a good movie when you have a hard time organizing your thoughts about it. I’m left with many impressions and the first is if you have access to it, please see this movie on Imax as it was intended.  Secondly, enjoy and appreciate this movie as something rare: a summer movie that was a huge success because it was worthy of being one, not because it was just the best movie of the weekend to choose from.  This movie will not come and go.  People will be using this movie as a yardstick for many movies in many genres for a long time.

Your thoughts??

– J



2 Responses to “Dark Knight”

  1. Mathilda Rose Says:

    I’ve seen it numerous times, can’t get enough.

  2. TexanNewYorker Says:

    My thought: man, I can’t wait to see this movie.

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