uPod, We allPod for iPod

After going through my second pair of headphones for my iPod in just over 6 months, I decided it wasn’t worth the money to keep buying the cheap ones.  Just over a week ago I went and picked up a pair of black Skullcandy earbuds.  I paid about $25 for them.  Considering there are $350.00 headphones out there, these certainly aren’t high-end or anything, but they’re the most expensive that I’ve ever owned.  So far, I’m very pleased.  They provide amazing outside sound reduction and they’re very comfortable.  I literally cannot hear anything but my music when I’m using them.  That came in very handy Saturday when that &$#@*! mariachi band got on the train.

Ah, the iPod.  How it’s changed things.  I went almost 27 years without one and now I can’t leave home without it.  It’s a pros and cons list a mile long, if you ask me (and for the sake of discussion, let’s assume you do).  Keep in mind, probably 90% of my iPod use is on the train, or traveling in general.

  • Pro: I can’t hear anything but my music with these new earbuds 
  • Con: I occasionally need to hear the world around me when crossing streets, train announcements, etc.
  • Pro: People leave you alone when you have your iPod, and you can ignore the rest of the world (specifically beggars and teenagers)
  • Con: Sometimes social interaction on the train is a good thing, such as helping the occasional confused tourist
  • Pro: I have easily accessible digital quality music and video!!
  • Con: I used to read a lot more.
  • Pro: I have unlimited access to music via iTunes
  • Con: iTunes

And many others.  The changes in social interaction particularly interest me.  In the NYC context, an iPod sends a sort of understood body language to everyone that says, “Leave me alone.  I’m in my own little world and you are not now, nor will you ever be, part of it.”  Or if you’re the person with their volume up so loud everyone around you can hear it, you send a different message.  One that says to the world at large, “I’m an inconsiderate ass that will be deaf in a few years.”

But I don’t like giving off that kind of isolated impression because I certainly don’t mean to.   If you see me with my headphones on, tap me on the shoulder or something.  I’m happy to take them off and say hi.  I wonder if everyone feels that way but they choose not to interact because that’s not allowed.  What if we all did that?  Who knows, you might make a friend or at least someones day.

Y’all be good.

– J



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