My Favorite Poem

The Spoon Poem

A spoon is a spoon

My utensil of choice

The tool that I praise

With songs from my voice


Some spoons are metal

Others are wood

Many are plastic

But all spoons are good


They have many uses

They’ve been all around

From quotes within movies

To shoveling the ground


But of all the things

That a spoon can do

The only type that I like

Is the one I can do with you


– Ben Aguilar, 2004


Happy Monday!!


– J


3 Responses to “My Favorite Poem”

  1. Ali Says:


  2. TexanNewYorker Says:


    I nominate this for best “guest blog” ever. Since, you know, you didn’t write it.

  3. Jon Says:

    What can a spoon do with me? I’m not pudding.

    NBC3D… great movie, J.

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