So True…


– J


4 Responses to “So True…”

  1. Tim Bogus Says:

    Shouldn’t that be FaceBook?

    I love

    OK – that in and of itself is sad…

  2. Ali Says:

    Wait. . . was there mention at some point of a new post coming soon? Did I imagine this? I could have been imagining this. . .


  3. Jon Decker Says:

    Go read mine if your that bored Ali.

  4. Ali Says:

    Ooh, you have an update? Nice!

    Not so much that I’m that bored, but I have a distinct memory of being told to check the blog. Kind of like the distinct memory I have of meeting Santa. Physics and, y’know, reality, would suggest I was making it up. . . but I maintain that it really happened, darn it!


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