Mario Got Blue Shelled

Not sure how I feel about this.  

It seems Super Mario Bros. is no longer the best selling video game in the world anymore.

What dethroned the mighty mustachioed mushroom muncher?  Wii Sports.  A game that’s only been around for 2 years and 2 months.

Oh well, at least it was a Nintendo product and not some *deleted* Pokemon game.  

– J


8 Responses to “Mario Got Blue Shelled”

  1. Ali Says:

    Poor Mario. . .

    But at least he starred in eleventy-three bazillion other games.

    The really tragic story (that’s been ignored by the press, in my opinion), is the epic battle of the bundled games, and the Wii Sports has shot down (oh, I tried so hard not to say it!) Duck Hunt.

    Serves that smug little smirking dog right, though, for laughing at me.

  2. J Says:

    Wii Play has a mini-game called Shooting Range which takes place on a very familiar field with random ducks passing by to shoot for bonus points. Alas, no opportunity for revenge on the dog though…

  3. Ali Says:

    BUT. . . does it have the clicky gun? The clicky gun is the most important element. That way, when one loses to one’s younger brother, one can blame it on broken equipment.

    Details are VERY important in gaming. Designers need to pay attention to the minutae.

  4. Jon Says:

    The clicky gun was astonishingly baffling technology back in the day.

    Remember how it would flash the screen every time you clicked it? Yup, well if you could freeze that flash you’d see a black (or white) square where you were aiming. The NES cpu chip was taking an vertical retrace co-ordinate picture to cross compare with the position of the duck in relation to the retracing of the whole screen. If the two lined up, presto! your duck died. If you tried to play that same NES on and HDTV it wouldn’t work (at least, I don’t think so) due to the new line count and not being interlaced refreshing.

  5. Jon Says:

    …and suddenly the nerd rating for this blog shoots through the roof.

  6. Ali Says:

    My exact quote?

    “Um, wow, Jon. . . that’s incredibly cool. . . but can’t believe you knew it off the top of your head!”

    If you put Peeps in the microwave long enough, they explode!

    Also, I know that interlaced gifs made me smile when I had a dial-up connection. (full-body shudder!)

  7. Jon Says:

    Well, I sort of cheated. I knew the theory and read up on the specs. I really want to see if it works on an HDTV or LCD screen, though. Tell me if anyone tries.

  8. Ali Says:

    J, we really need a new blog post.

    I’ve reached the point where I can say “mighty mustachioed mushroom muncher” three times fast–and that’s really not anything you want to inflict upon the unsuspecting in the New York Transit System.

    Please, for the innocent souls of this great city. . . lift thy keyboard and blog!

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