Fresh Prince of Dimension X

I learned a long time ago that the voices of Eeyore and Optimus Prime were done by the same guy.  For some reason that changed my life a little bit.  Two things from my childhood having so little to do with one another suddenly being connected was a weird revelation. 

This weekend it happened again.  Sunday night I discovered that the guy who played Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the same guy that did the voice for The Shredder on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  Imagination fully in overdrive, I’m now picturing Shredder throwing D.J. Jazzy Jeff out of his mansion and a quirky black family inhabiting the Technodrome. 

You know what, guys?  I’m beginning to think there just might be something wrong with me…

– J


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5 Responses to “Fresh Prince of Dimension X”

  1. Ali Says:

    Wait. . . Eeyore and Optimus Prime? Did I know this? That’s awesome!

    The eerie connection for me was Darth Vader and the writer guy from Field of Dreams.

    And, allow me to be the first to say. . . there is quite certainly many things wrong with you. (Just not certain any of it’s manifested here. Sorry, J.)

  2. Popgun Says:

    No, there’s nothing wrong with you, other than a ‘normal’ amount of being eccentric.

    You know, thinking back, when I was a kid, being eccentric was not a desirable trait. I think the notion of eccentricity being a popular trait started about the time of the show “Northern Exposure”, which was full of wacko people that were nevertheless fascinating.

    Reminds me of my grandmother. She had ten toes. Eight on one foot, and two on the other… April Fools.


  3. Texas Grandma Says:

    No there is nothing wrong with you. You have reached the point in life that your past is catching up with your present. It’s a small world after all. And by the way this will be interesting. The other day your niece was watching Andy Griffith and when her dad asked her who a man was on there she listend to him and said Winnie the Pooh. She is getting your experience at 3 years old. IF she can handle it so can you. And no commients on watching Andy Griffith you wathced it too. Hang in there. Just don’t start hearing those voices.

  4. SFord Says:

    Ali – Let’s not forget that the person who gave us the voice of Darth Vader also gave us the voice of Mufasa in Lion King. The evil was traded in for good. Otherwise they would have used his voice for Scar.

  5. Ali Says:

    Lol. . . very true.

    Jeremy Irons still creeps me out. (I never could warm up to Aramis in “The Man in the Iron Mask”).

    By the time I saw “The Lion King”, I’d managed to figure out who James Earl Jones: The Legend was–it was just that odd discrepancy when I was a kid between the intense, menacing Lord Vader and the old, heavyset writer in Field of Dreams.

    And since I saw Return of the Jedi before either of the other Star Wars movies, I never could think of Vader as a really BAD guy–I knew he ended up stopping Palpatine! Palpatine scared me to death.

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