A Critical Critic Critique

Howdy gang,

Saturday morning I went to see Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen.  I was anxious to see if it was worthy of the verbal crucifixion it’s been receiving from the critics.

I’m glad to say it’s exactly what it was billed as:  Giant robots and explosions occasionally interrupted by close ups of Megan Fox.  I didn’t go in expecting Dead Poets Society, so I was thoroughly entertained.  Unlike most critics, I have a very hard time taking a movie based on a 1980’s toy line seriously.  When these pompous movie critics talk about how shallow of a movie Transformers is, it makes me wonder if they also sit on their couches with their kids griping about the slow moving plots on Dora the Explorer.

In five days this movie made 201 meellion dollars*.  Do you think this was because people wanted to see a powerful life changing movie full of heart and soul or do you think it was because they just wanted to see Optimus Prime beating the censored out of Megatron?  Exactly.  And what do you know, people got what they wanted.  I call that a success for a summer action flick.

Y’all be good,


Also, special thanks to Jon over at Xonikz for the shiny new header.  If you aren’t friends with any mad scientists creative geniuses yet, I highly recommend it.

Happy Tuesday!

* Sorry, I couldn’t think of  a better Dr. Evil joke.

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4 Responses to “A Critical Critic Critique”

  1. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the props Jason.

    …and now I’m singing, “I’m the map. I’m the map. I’m the map. I’m the map. I’m the Map!”

  2. Jean Says:

    Dora the Explorer is an illegal immigrant. Just sayin’.

  3. TexanNewYorker Says:

    Props, Jon! J — your new header vaguely reminds me of TROGDOR! THE BURNINATOR!

    Which is to say, it is cool. Very cool, yo.

  4. J Says:

    Which is good. “Because a one that is not cool is hardly a one at all…” I miss Courtney lol.

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