Thank You, Apple Care

I’ve had my Macbook Pro a year and one month (to the day).  In that time I’ve had zero issues with its general operation.  It’s a great machine that runs really well. 

This past Thursday I was watching a DVD on it and decided to move to the DVD player on the television.  The disk ejected with no problems.  After the movie was over, I went back to my laptop to check my email only to find the computer had frozen.  This has never happened, and the only option I had was to turn it off and reboot.  I was only able to complete half of this process though, because it wouldn’t turn back on.

The power light on the front came on, but the screen was completely inactive.  Not even a flicker.  The green light on the caps lock key wouldn’t turn on either, so I knew it wasn’t an issue with the screen, but something considerably more serious.

Sunday afternoon I called the Apple store on 5th ave and made a 7:40 appointment to have it looked at.  They were slammed and finally got to me around 8:00.  The service guy wasn’t able to diagnose the problem right away, so they had to keep it.  I was quoted 3 -5 business days.  I got a call the next day saying it was ready.

They had to replace the processor and the RAM.  Basically, a whole new motherboard.  Because of the processor frying, they also had to replace the top case.   They couldn’t tell exactly what caused it, but the technician suspected a power surge.  Anything plugged into an outlet is at risk.  I’ll be running it through a surge protector from now on.  Should have been all along, now that I think about it.

Overall it was a great customer service experience.  From talking with other Mac owners, this is definitely a rare occurrence and I shouldn’t be having any more problems anytime soon. 

By the way, Apple Care covered the whole thing.  If I hadn’t paid the $300 for Apple Care when I bought my Mac, the parts and service would have cost me $1,210.31. 

Have a good’n,

– J

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2 Responses to “Thank You, Apple Care”

  1. Ali Says:

    What can I say. . . I am simply dazzled by the number at the bottom! 🙂

  2. Popgun Says:

    All computers, by any manufacturer, can fail. That’s why components are rated as so many hours MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures. Having said that, I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for about 2 1/2 years, around 10 hours a day and have suffered zero failures.

    Even though J had to pay for Applecare, just try getting that kind of service out of any other computer company.

    I love my Mac – and I’ll never buy another Windows machine if I have any say in the matter.


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