Good Morning?

Several years ago, I decided that since every day of my life was going to begin with waking up, I might as well get used to the idea and not be so negative about it.

This philosophy has served me well.  I don’t spring out of bed singing or anything, but I’m rarely in a bad mood.  Most Saturday mornings (such as this one), I’m up at 7:30 or 8 and patiently stagger around the house until enough synapses are firing to allow the acquisition of caffeine.  During the week, I get my coffee at work, so I don’t have a coffee maker in my apartment.  On weekends I get my coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts a few blocks away.  This doesn’t bother me in the least.  I think it works well for me because it gets me up and out of the house, if only for a short walk.  In my mind, this equals some form of productivity.

To each their own I guess.  Face mornings in your own way.  But if you’re spending the first half hour of your days miserable, you might consider trying something different to make them more tolerable.

So, have you hugged a morning person today?

– J



4 Responses to “Good Morning?”

  1. This Needs No Name... Says:

    …because I think it’s fairly obvious who’s responding.

    I find your post both incendiary and provocative, sir.

  2. popgun Says:

    Morning… Happens about once a day, regular as clockwork – dangdest thing I ever seen…

    Caffeine!!! Makes your blood sing!


  3. TexanNewYorker Says:

    I’m in agreement with the two comments prior to mine.

  4. Jean Says:

    Last night, I made the startling A to B connection that I enjoy mornings so much more if I’ve actually gotten enough sleep the night before, and that mornings are correspondingly more unpleasant if my body hasn’t had adequate sleep to be ready to wake up. This logic hit me like a ton of bricks.

    According to Ali, I had a similar revelation about eight years ago in my sophomore dorm room, but apparently I was too sleep-deprived at that point for it to stick.

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