About a month ago Sony announced the long awaited price drop on the Playstation 3.  Along with the price drop on the original model, they also released the PS3 Slim which is smaller, just as fast and 120G.  A vast improvement over the bulkier 80G.  So, once again, I did my part to help stimulate the economy by purchasing expensive electronics.  Seriously, the things I do for my country.  I deserve a medal or something.

From the perspective of someone who’s only been playing the Wii for the last few years, this machine is amazing.  Aside from playing games and Blu-Ray movies, you can download older PS games similar to the Wii’s Virtual Console.  The PS3 takes it a step farther and also allows you to download movies, TV shows and music.

I started playing Resident Evil 5 the same day I got the system.  Two weeks ago Batman: Arkham Asylum came out.  This game was one of the main reasons I got the PS3 when I did.  I traded my PS2, controller, DVD remote and a few games toward the purchase of Batman.  To give an idea about trade in rates these days, the console and all still only covered about half the price of the game.

I won’t bore you with more details, but I’m having a blast.  It’s a totally different gaming experience from the Wii.  It’s a more hardcore system, best suited for immersive, one player games as opposed to the Wii which is geared more toward groups and families.

Well, y’all take care.  I’ve got zombies to kill.

– J

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2 Responses to “PS3”

  1. Ali Says:

    The vast amounts of zombies that seem to require killing makes me wonder if we’re actually in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, with only you and your trusty controller standing between us and the annihilation of human civilization.

    Seriously, I wonder these things. Don’t judge.

  2. missywilky Says:

    i bet trist would love to test out the batman game.

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