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They’re F.I.N.E.

November 12, 2009

Because you can’t possibly be tired of me talking about music and concerts yet…


Yes, I Went There (Again).

November 11, 2009

If you need to rest after a long morning…

There’s a nap for that.

Sorry guys, but I had to pass this one along.  Thanks Texan New Yorker!!

– J

Guy Fawkes was a Mets Fan

November 5, 2009

Remember, remember the fifth of November
The Yankees, a World Series they bought
A-Rod is the reason, the Mets fans this season
Will forever, be distraught

I’m not a particularly avid baseball fan or anything (though I am a Mets fan by association).  I just wanted an excuse to use The Fifth of November poem today.

Have a good one!

– J

Joe Perry Project

November 1, 2009

And now I have added General Admission tickets to The Joe Perry Project to the remainder of my 2009 live musical list.

For those that don’t rock know, Joe Perry is the lead guitarist for Aerosmith.  In his down time he plays gigs with his band, The Joe Perry Project.  Getting within 10 feet of any member of Aerosmith is kind of an ongoing dream of mine, so this is what some might refer to as A Big Deal.

If you reside in the New York, Tri-State area and wish to see your local J squealing like a little girl during every solo, tickets are 40 bucks if you buy now.  I’ll be the guy down front having a conniption fit during Mercy.

– J