They’re F.I.N.E.

Because you can’t possibly be tired of me talking about music and concerts yet…

On Monday there was a bit of news spread about the interwebs that Steven Tyler was leaving Aerosmith to pursue solo work. Crazy timing, since I had tickets to see the Joe Perry Project the very next day.  I found myself thinking about this show with bittersweet emotion, excited about seeing one of the best guitar players ever, but wondering if I’d ever see him in my favorite band again.

I got there at 6:00 and was 4th in line for the General Admission crowd.  By 8:00, Roomie had shown up and they let us in.  Little known fact (because it’s a lie), the Fillmore Theatre was designed by M.C. Escher.  Because of this, the entrance to the stage is not only upstairs but also to the far right upon entering the main lobby.  Thanks to past experiences at this venue, we knew this and it resulted in Roomie and I being the first people on the floor, dead center on the rail and about 7 feet from the stage.

The opening act was The London Souls.  Great guitarist and drummer, crappy vocals.  Our consensus was that we would happily listen to them again for free.

But enough of that.  Joe Perry Project took the stage around 10:00.

His set was a mix of original work and some of his favorite Aerosmith.  Singing these songs with Joe Perry was basically a 20-something Steven Tyler impersonator.  I have never in my life had such instant malice for someone.  Not because he couldn’t sing like Steven Tyler, but because he was trying to.  Anyone who’s seen Aerosmith live knows that Tyler has certain, well, moves for lack of a better word.  Now that I read it, it sounds ridiculous but it’s quite effective in person.  The Steven Tyler Duplicate was attempting these moves.  Poorly.  And if the little STD had put scarves on his mic stand, there might have been bloodshed.

Despite the frustrating performance of the singer, Joe thoroughly melted our faces during each of the numerous solos.  He used a lot of his well-known guitars, including Billie, his custom made Gibson B.B. King with a picture of his wife on it.  He rocked just over an hour finishing with Train Kept a Rollin’.

They came back out for the encore and then Joe introduced a special guest…

Steven Tyler.

After Roomie pulled me down from the rail (which I was suddenly standing on, poised to jump), Tyler announced that he was NOT leaving Aerosmith.  He said something else after that, but I didn’t hear it.  I was too busy screaming my head off.

They leapt into Walk This Way and I have never felt such electricity come out of a crowd.  It had been a great show and the crowd was into it, but those two on stage turned that place into a madhouse.

These things just don’t happen to me.  I’m never that close to something that makes news.  And yet there I was, front and center, living one of those moments I’ll remember till the day I die.

– J

Thanks for reading, everyone.  I know this probably isn’t the most interesting subject matter to a lot of you, but it meant a lot to me and I wanted to share.


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3 Responses to “They’re F.I.N.E.”

  1. Ali Says:

    THIS is why we allowed elves to unionize.

    After Roomie pulled me down from the rail (which I was suddenly standing on, poised to jump).

    I love this line.

  2. TexanNewYorker Says:

    “And if the little STD had put scarves on his mic stand, there might have been bloodshed.”

    You’re hilarious. And although I’d already talked about this with you, I loved reading the story here. Really glad you blogged this, and INSANELY JEALOUS that I wasn’t there, too.

  3. JonDecker Says:

    The bloodshed has already begun. Can I stop now?

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