December Movies


Had a great vacation back in Texas.  Not much happened worth noting here.  Family, food, tornados.  You know, all the usual stuff you associate with Christmas.

Saw a couple of movies over the holiday.  The two big ones right now – Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. 

Avatar was truly amazing.  It was refreshingly original and brilliantly executed.  With a half-billion dollar price tag, it had better be, right?  I do recommend seeing it in 3-D if you have the opportunity.  It’s the first instance I can recall that the inclusion of 3-D genuinely added to the experience. 

It was a lot of movie, but never felt slow to me.  With regards to the plot, it was a little predictable but that was easily overpowered by the visuals moving it along.  In regard to some reviews you may have heard about certain biases, I saw very little in the way of forcing too much Earthy Crunchy down peoples throats.  If the main characters live in a tree, you can’t accuse a movie of pushing conservationism on an audience when they don’t want it blown up.  Politically, there was just enough blatant bias to take me out of the movie, but only once that I recall.

Sherlock Holmes was a lot of fun.  From the admittedly little I know about Sherlock Holmes, I think it did the series justice.  The differences between previous movies and books are best described over at LawDog.  Accuracy aside, this movie was also well executed and totally worth paying for a movie ticket.  At times it felt like a really violent episode of House M.D., but I’d wager it was House that first borrowed certain personality traits from Holmes instead of the other way around.

It’s nice to see two movies so close together and feel I got my money’s worth out of both of them.  There may be hope for Hollywood yet!!


– J


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