Happy Slightly Broken In Year

When is the cutoff for greeting someone with “Happy New Year”?  How long does it take for the new to officially wear off a year?  Should we keep updating the greeting as the year progresses?  In November should I be wishing people a Happy Old Year?

You know, sometimes I wonder if I think too far outside the box. 

– J


5 Responses to “Happy Slightly Broken In Year”

  1. popgun Says:

    Nah, keep it up. Thinking too far outside the box merely makes you “delightfully quirky”.

    I’m the same way.


    • J Says:

      Thanks Popgun. Like if you’re a millionaire and crazy, you’re just excentric. But if you’re broke and crazy then you’re just Nicolas Cage.

  2. JonDecker Says:

    What box are we talking about here? I’m confused. There’s a box? Did I get one too?

    • J Says:

      No Jon, you most definitely did not get a box. I suspect if you were given a box (proverbial or otherwise), it was the first thing you ever set fire to.

  3. Tim Says:

    I think this is a valid question – especially if you factor in the Chinese New Year and such… In November the attitude is more like: “Thank God this year is almost over” — is might be an appropriate greeting. Yeah?

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