A Sports Story

“I wish my shoes made that neat squeaky noise on the floor like everyone else’s.  I wonder why they don’t…”

loud whistle is blown

“Oh yeah, I’m playing basketball.  Everybody is running that way, so I guess I’ll do that too (and hope for a squeaky noise).”

Our hero searches the other end of the court for the number he has been assigned to guard.  He finds the number attached to an unfortunately large and menacing child.  Seeing that “guarding” is out of the question, he settles for “annoyingly bumping shoulders with”.

“Who’s bright idea was this? I’m 60 pounds and they have me guarding a child the shape of an athletic VW bus.”

They score.  Everybody heads down to the other end of the court.  He again follows.  Once there, he finds that something has suddenly been thrust into his hands.

“Oh my gosh…  I have the ball.  They gave me the ball!  This is it!!  This is my moment.  Wait, what am I thinking??  PASS!!!  Pass the bloody ball!!!  Somebody save me, please!  Crap, no one open.  Screw it.”

He spins to the left very dramatically and lunges with not quite pin-point accuracy.  The ball bounces around the rim a bit and goes through the goal.

“Aaaaah!  I made a goal!!!!   I get a high-five now, right??  The cool kid just high-fived me!  Now what?  Oh yeah, run back to the other end of the court.  Again.  *sigh*”

And so goes the story of the first and only shot I ever made in a real basketball game.

– J

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6 Responses to “A Sports Story”

  1. Tim Says:

    Man… At least you had have a big game moment. The best I can do is the one day I wasn’t harassed in gym class. And that was only because my ‘girlfriend’ and I at the time were the middle of some ‘big’ drama. I think we were actually entertainment for the afternoon, although I’m not sure…

    Junior High… Good times… 🙂

  2. Popgun Says:

    Gee, I thought I was the only one… must be genetic.


  3. babyrocks Says:

    haha, love it. high school?

  4. Ali Says:

    This is great!!!

    It also means you have scored exactly one more point in basketball than I have.


  5. texasbrother Says:

    This sounds suspisiously like how Charlie Brown would describe the very same event. Except of course, he wouldn’t have scored.

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