Edge of Darkness

I saw Edge of Darkness yesterday, the latest movie starring Mel Gibson.  I really enjoyed it.  It was nice to see him just acting in a movie again.  No personal messages and no political or religious crap. 

In short, Boston police officer Thomas Craven’s daughter comes home for a visit and is murdered soon after arriving.  Being a cop it’s assumed that he was the intended target but it quickly becomes apparent that she was murdered for a reason. 

It’s a good solid movie and presented in a very engaging way.  It’s not an action flick.  It’s more like a mystery.  Not a “Who-Done-It” so much as a “Why-Done-It”.  The action, mostly in the form of short fights or shootouts, made sense within the plot and was never over the top.  As a good comparison, if you liked Taken with Liam Neeson you’ll probably enjoy this one too. 

Gibson’s still got amazing screen presence and despite his odd habit of occasionally screaming anti-semitic obscenities at police officers, he remains one of my favorite actors.

Welcome back, Mel.  We missed you.  And now that you’re back, let’s keep the crazy to a minimum this time around, shall we? 

– J



One Response to “Edge of Darkness”

  1. babyrocks Says:

    ha! i’ve always been a mel fan too. my dad used to joke with my mom, “look Lil, it’s me on screen!” (i’m sure you know, my dad looks nothing like mel gibson, but my mom loooves him and his striking eyes). =)

    ps – taken is amazing!

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