I Forgot The Halo

Winter is fun!

– J


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6 Responses to “I Forgot The Halo”

  1. itsroomieinhere Says:

    This picture is so funny it hurts my face. I can’t believe I live with a real life internet celebrity. Bravo, my friend. P.S. We need more paper towels.

  2. Popgun Says:

    Just out of curiosity, is that actually you?

  3. Ali Says:

    Point the First: That takes dedication.
    Point the Second: Erika will be pleased.
    Point the Third: Yay, Roomie!

  4. Erika O. Says:

    This morning, I found my life devoid of mirth. As I slogged through the chill rain of an unseasonably cold March day, dragging an unwilling dog who would much rather have tinkled on the rug, I sent a desperate wish heavenward, a wish that my morning might improve.

    Thanks, man. I needed that.

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