Backlog Blog

I haven’t been updating much because either I have nothing to say or what’s on my mind hasn’t been fit for general consumption.  I’m emo mysterious like that.

Nothing has really changed, but what can I say?  I miss you guys.

Some highlights:

– I’m officially a New Yorker.  I got my NY driver’s license in the mail last week and it feels really weird.  Like I’m cheating on someone or something.  And as per the requirement of all major forms of  identification, my photo is horrendous.  I swear DMV employees are trained to count to three and take the pic on two. 

– And with the new license, I remembered how much I miss driving.  So I’ve decided to sign up for a Zipcar account.  I’m really excited and wish it hadn’t taken me so long.  To be honest, I’m also a little nervous.  Driving around the city is very intimidating to me.  I’m sure I’ll be fine though.  Last time I helped a friend move I parallel parked a U-Hall van on a narrow one-way street in Queens.  Prior to that, the only time I had attempted to parallel was during my driving test. 

– Next month I’m going to visit D.C. with some friends.  I went through D.C. years ago, but really it was just long enough to drive past a few monuments.  It will be nice to take our time and explore. 

So that’s a very little bit of what’s up.  I really want to start putting actual content up here.  Something of substance or value.  I’m also thinking about breaking my own little unspoken rule and getting *gasp* personal

– J

PS – Try saying that title 5 times fast.


3 Responses to “Backlog Blog”

  1. Texas Grandma Says:

    Glad you are back with up dates. You may a New Yorker on the drivers license but I hope you are still part Texan at heart.

  2. Popgun Says:

    Driving in NYC is bound to be different than driving in East Texas. Down here, we have something called ‘open road’ between the dense areas. When I was visiting NYC, I never saw any of that.

    Just drive like you’re on I-635 and you’ll be fine. Except, of course, for oncoming traffic.


  3. missywilky Says:

    WHAAA??! you’ve only parallel parked TWICE in your life? wow, p-parking is seriously a way of life in socal (and NY, obvi). forget that, it’s SURVIVAL. you’ll definitely be put to the test fast here, that’s for sure. if you need pointers, i’m seriously a pro. (seriously! it was a major complimentary-point from friends in college. they called me P.Parks. okay that’s a lie. but i am an off the charts p-parker.). 😉

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